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Helen Russell Creations…

Welcome to my world, where characters like the Blob Birds, Puffins and Buzzy Bees are waiting to meet you. Too many welly wearing hours, spent reading books with beautiful illustrations, have created a playful, happy land that welcomes visitors old and new. Come and join us as we celebrate life through homeware, surface pattern and illustration. Imagination is the only luggage you need!

Sometimes I forget how to be silly because of grown up stuff, but then it all comes back to me!



A little bit about me…

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2001 with a BA(Hons) in Three Dimensional Design. After 10 years working in arts marketing Helen Russell Creations was launched at the British Craft Trade Fair in April 2011. I love what I do! I’m so lucky to wake up in the morning excited about what the day will bring. Having your own creative business is hard work, but being busy keeps me out of trouble (well most of the time).

My brain is always ticking, which has its good and bad points. A love of book illustration, animals, being outdoors and storytelling are central to my work and I spend lots of time in forests, up hills or curled up with a hot chocolate watching wildlife documentaries (purely for research purposes of course!)

This wasn’t an intentional self portrait but when I looked at it, apart from the umbrella and the spotty wellies (I own spotty wellies but they are too cold for hiking), this is pretty much how I look when I’m out and about in the hills



As well as the natural world, I take joy from the way people ‘collect’ items to remember events, holidays and the characteristics of loved ones. If I can produce a piece of work that makes someone say “that is just what Betty would say” or “that reminds me of the time Bob burnt the chicken” (I know random, and names have been changed to protect their identities) then I am very happy indeed! I enjoy using animals and their behaviour to create scenes that echo human nature and hope that my work helps people to celebrate those little everyday moments. I want to encourage people to find joy in their day to day activities, which lets face it make up most of our time, rather than waiting to be happy at that special event. I know, those special events are really important and exciting, but if I can make someone smile over their first brew of the day then I feel like I am succeeding in my mission to battle peoplenotsmilingitus 

I am not a morning person!

If you would like to find out more about the things that inspire me and the thoughts that pop into my head then you might enjoy looking at my thought diary. If you want to keep up with news, new products and offers etc then signing up for my newsletter is probably your way forward. I hope that you will share in my journey, after all lots of brains are better than one and I like to chat…

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Thanks and happy exploring!