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All at Sea

Ahoy there shipmates! Here we celebrate the roll of the ocean waves and the folk who rely on the salty deep to live, work and play.

Puffin cove houses our boats and gives our little ones a place to play and bathe, but, it’s where the water deepens that our real work begins as we get chance to ride the waves in our galleons and yachts (we have no sense of period here!!) looking for treasure and adventure.

Our community is a quiet one, guided by the tides. Sea life can be lonely. Getting up at the crack of dawn and going to bed early doesn’t leave much room for socialising and that’s the way we like it. But every so often, when the moon is full, we get the urge for a good old knees-up and that’s my cue to gather together every scoundrel and scallywag in the area!