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All at Sea

Ahoy there shipmates! Here we celebrate the roll of the ocean waves and the creatures who rely on the salty deep to live, work and play…


Puffin cove houses our boats and gives our little ones a place to splash and bathe, but, it’s where the water deepens that our real work begins as we get chance to ride the waves in our galleons and yachts (or on our water skis) looking for treasure and adventure. Good and bad can be found out in the blue. The seas are full of mystery and magic and time spent following the horizon doesn’t have a certain end.

Scoundrels and scallywags are common, we urge you to look after your belongings! A stealthy gang of pirate seagulls operate in the area and they are quite capable of stealing chips right from under your nose! Here too we find tales of bravery. Those who have found courage facing inhospitable waters and indescribable horrors. When drinking in the Rusty Bucket at the end of a long day, all you need to decide is what is fact and what is just a tale told to keep the little ones close to the shore?

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