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Birdies are relaxed little critters who have a bit of a thing for folk art…


Easily recognisable by their polka dot chests, the first Birdie sighting was documented in early 2017. Many believe Birdies originate from Eastern Europe and that they first travelled to the UK to work with the Blob Birds on their good cheer project, a happiness initiative that focuses on household routine and activities. The suggested geographical origins of Birdie would indeed support their passion for folk art inspired pattern and their love of functional design.

Unlike the chirpy Blob Birds, the Birdie community are not early risers. They do not aspire to the old wives’ tale “the early bird catches the worm”, instead preferring to argue that “the early bird is often too tired to catch the worm!’ Like many feathered species Birdies are exceptionally hard working. When they do take time off they enjoy heading to the local puddle for a splash around with their family and friends.

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