Blob Bird Bush

Blob Birds come from The Hedge, a thriving metropolis in the Pennines. Legend states that these small rotund birds are hello-mugdescendants of the Wongtongbattiebirds who ruled the land at the beginning of civilisation. It is not known if this is true or not, but they make fantastic companions due to their loving nature, good advice and general sunniness.

Known for being super-intelligent they are experts in camouflage and can change their identity at the click of a beak. Sometimes they do this ‘just for fun’, at other times because they feel the need to hide. At any given moment they can turn into a Robin, Bluetit or Greenfinch, how amazing is that!

They are very mischievous little creatures who enjoy making people laugh. Like us, each Blob Bird is different, bringing their own personality and energy into the spaces they fill. I love seeing them choose a new home and family to live with (you didn’t think you chose them did you?!)