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Blob Birds

Blob Birds live around the beautiful Pennines, in a thriving metropolis called The Hedge…


Legend states that the small rotund birds are descendants of the Wongtongbattiebirds who ruled the Feathered State at the beginning of civilisation. No hard evidence exists as to whether this is true or not, just rumours, bedtime stories and whispers carried on the migratory winds. What is fact is that Blob Birds are cheery little souls who make fantastic companions due to their loving nature, good advice and general sunniness. They thrive in the moderate temperatures of the Pennines where they spend their mornings and early evenings chattering to local residents and home owners. As far as we know, the only hostile behaviour displayed by the happy Blob Birds are regular dive bombing raids on the the sinister Paws for Thought League, a feline gang who enthusiastically pursue their mission to infiltrate The Hedge.

Blob Birds nurture and develop the desire to make people laugh from an early age. Like us, each bird is different, bringing their own personality and energy into the spaces they fill. Helen loves seeing the hedglings choose new homes and families to live with (you didn’t think you chose them did you?!) and keeps her ears open for stories of their adventures after they have flown the nest.

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