Daniel Arsham sculpture of head

Daniel Arsham

At the back end of the summer I was lucky enough to catch the last few days of Daniel Arsham's work 'Relics in the Landscape' at Yorkshire Sculpture park. The ideas surrounding his work are really interesting, here's what the sculpture park had to say:

'Arsham’s sculptures appear as archaeological remnants of our time that he describes as ‘future relics’. His artistic practice is underpinned by the formative childhood experience of surviving Hurricane Andrew, which struck the Southern United States in 1992 and destroyed his family home and everything around it. Reflecting this, Arsham’s works are partially decayed and explore regeneration represented by real crystals that have been cast in bronze. The inclusion of the crystal forms alludes to alchemical change (the transformation of one substance into another), growth, and progression. A visit to Easter Island in 2011 where he encountered a palaeontology research expedition deepened Arsham’s interest in archaeology and continues to inform his practice.'

Daniel Arsham sculpture of head lying in grass

Side view of Daniel Arsham head sculpture

Daniel Arsham sculpture

Me with Daniel Arsham's pikachu


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