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Helen is having 2022 off from selling to explore new ideas and play with new materials. Keep an eye on our Facebook & instagram pages for updates Read More

Thought Diary

So, we are currently helping Helen out with ideas for our Urban Critters section of the website and this is involving plenty of research and trips out (yay!) It is also our job to keep the Wonder Mice up to date with new technology and interesting developments in the world so it was with much […]

Tweet tweet! Helen and I go back a long way, since the days of her first trip to Australia. She was a spritely thing back then and hasn’t changed one bit…….apart from her hair colour! Anyway, we hit it off straight away. I started to accompany her on trips, show her around, and we became […]

So, it is here at last! Welcome to the first section of my new website When I say at last, it has actually been a very speedy affair getting the website to this point, as the wonderful Stephen, Howard and Catherine at Source Creative are just so great to work with. I have also had […]