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Corvid-19 is crap, but….

Wow, what a couple of weeks. Just as we were going into lockdown my doctor called me to say he thinks I am coeliac. This was actually really welcome news after 18 months of feeling very poorly, but not the best of timing in light of a national food shortage! What that and Corvid-19 have made me do is really sit down and assess. I have to say at Christmas I was all ready for giving up the business as I just didn’t feel well enough to carry on. But, I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and even though changes are required I love my business and what it represents. Helen Russell Creations is a part of me that probably wouldn’t get an outlet anywhere else. Here I can dream silly dreams out loud, create wild stories inspired by long walks through woodland and call drawing my work. Not many people are privileged enough to be able to do that, so it would feel all wrong to let it go. What I have realised though, is that the creativity I crave and love has become dampened by the financial pressures of earning from it. When you are making the same items hundreds of times it does get the point where it’s a commercial necessary not a creative adventure. So I am starting to gather my thoughts, explore new ideas and look to the future.

I am actually quite enjoying this enforced confinement. Obviously, I am not enjoying the pain and suffering of others, the isolation from family and friends and the worry for those exposed to this terrible virus. But, I cannot control those things, all I can do is look to myself and those locked in with me and try to meet and explore our needs.

I think that my body and mind have been crying out for a slower pace of life and so I am trying to approach this whole situation in a positive light. I am learning how to cook. This is pretty important given the massive changes required to my diet and I am already feeling the benefits. I have gone from burning pasta and exploding eggs to actually being able to put something edible on the table. OK, so there’s a long way to go, but what I am not short on at the moment is time, and if I can make meals with the limited ingredients I currently have available then just think what concoctions I’ll be able to whip up in the future!

Secondly I am exercising more, something I always used to love but which fell by the wayside as I got older. Having the time for that one walk a day is really making a difference. I never did it when I had the freedom to do it, even though I knew I should. But it has become special time with my family where we go and breathe in the fresh air together, and I know that over the coming weeks this will become a habit that I intend to stick to when the world gets back to normal. I do realise that I am lucky to live in an area where wild places are pretty much on the doorstep, but again this is something I have greatly taken for granted. Corvid-19 has opened my eyes and made me look at what I actually have.

The downside to lockdown, or regeneration as I’m going to call it, is that I have sore thumb joints from excessive social media scrolling and potato peeling. This I need to address over the coming days and weeks.

To be continued…







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  1. Roland Hill says:

    Hi Helen

    Sorry to hear about your health problems but I admire your positive response.

    The world needs what you do.

    I have recommended your products to a new gift shop in Bramhall but am not sure if she will have made contact before the lock-down.

    Forgive me asking again but I have misplaced your advice on your source of your tall mugs (blanks) as we might sell these as an option to our glass mugs. Also, have you any coaster suppliers?

    TEAPY is in an exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery “Trading Station: How hot drinks shape our lives” and is for sale in the shop, either with our glass mugs or imaged ceramic mugs that they source. The shop manager is not the easiest to deal with but I wonder if you have tried there or whether I could recommend you?

    Best wishes


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