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Eco friendly packaging

For quite a while now I have been moving the business towards using 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. It’s taken a while! Until quite recently it has actually be fairly difficult to source some of the things I need.

Bubble wrap has been the bain of my life. Essential for making sure ceramic items in particular arrive in one piece (well usually, you can’t account for a certain breed of delivery driver) I get through rolls of the stuff. I’d always felt bad about it and had tried various other products but they just didn’t work. As much as I strive to be responsible for my impact on the world I also have a business to run, and making a repeated loss due to postal breakages is never much fun or financially viable. In the middle of 2019 I started to experiment with paper bubble wrap. I liked what I saw and decided that I would work towards giving that a go. I still had lots of standard plastic bubble wrap left at this point, and the way that 2020 panned out meant it took me longer to get through it than planned, but Christmas 2020 saw me using the hallowed paper version. The results have been pretty good! It does have a distinct smell, but with me selling ceramic products this isn’t really an issue, and I feel is a small price to pay for the environmental benefits. I currently get mine from Kite Packaging, if you are interested in the product’s credentials you can find out more here Paper Bubble Wrap | Eco-Friendly Packing Materials | Kite Packaging  It’s not perfect! They do ship it in wrapped in plastic (I need to email them about this) but it’s a decent start and I’m sure they will find a better alternative over time. (You may sometimes still receive my items in traditional plastic bubble wrap – this will be reused from any parcels I receive as again I don’t like putting it in the bin. If it has to be around it might as well at least get used multiple times!)

Kraft adhesive tape is now used to seal all parcels and I use a recycled kraft paper to cover the outside of packages. The gift boxes I use are from  who offer a wide range of high end products made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials (and they are lovely to deal with). And so on and so forth.

I am not perfect. I am a one woman band who is responsible for everything across the business from designing to making to website management to taking payment to distribution (you get the drift). I know there’s always more to do but as long as I am trading I will continue to do my best to source and use ethical and environmentally friendly products. I have put the price of some items up slightly to absorb some of the extra cost of using these materials (and postal cost increases), as sadly they do still cost considerably more than their less world friendly rivals. I hope you will agree that it’s worth it. I don’t feel you can use nature and animals as inspiration if you don’t try to protect them the best you can!

I’m always open to ideas, always trying to learn more or find ethical companies to work with, so if you think there is something I should have a look at then please do let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading

Helen x


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