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Fabulous feedback


A while ago I had a little giveaway to celebrate reaching 1000 likes on I asked my lovely facebook likers to tell me what they would like to see more of on the page and also what content they might like to see in this blog. This is what they suggested……

  1. The most common comment was a request for more images of completed work alongside process shots. I’ll try really hard to do this but I might need a nudge now and then. When I’m on a roll I sometimes forget to document what I’m doing so feel free to remind me!
    The day the transfers arrived, yippee!

    Ceramic decals arrive in sheets, I’ll do a separate post about all this!

    Bugbear bumblebee set. The ceramic decals have been cut out, applied to the bone china and fired

    Bugbear bumblebee set. The ceramic decals have been cut out, applied to the bone china and fired

  2. A good few people asked to see ideas develop from sketchbook to completed item. There is a small problem with me doing this as I don’t always use sketchbooks! I tend to develop the ideas in my head, usually during long walks, and then just get to work on creating a finished piece – either in clay or on the computer as a digital image. I probably think about ideas for a good few months before they hatch by which time the ideas are quite resolved in my head. I feel that when I try to use sketchbooks (I do own a fair few of because I love paper) I am forcing myself to use them and that my drawing loses some of it’s immediacy, which for me isn’t great, so nowadays I just don’t bother. The exception to this is now I’ve started to work on patterns I do tend to start the main characters or motifs in a sketchbook and then transfer the design to computer so I’ll try to share more of these.
  3.  Bedlington Terriers and elephants?! Erm, I don’t currently do either but never say never and if I come across anyone who does do work based on these fabulous creatures I will of course tell you. Also, I have a box for potential ideas so if there’s anything you’d really like to see then please do say and it will go in the box in case I’m struck by a relevant moment of inspiration!
  4. I do quite a few greetings cards and recognise from the comments that I’m rubbish at sharing them so here you are, a snippet of what could be ahead…
  5. My work is created around little stories that develop in my head. The basis of these stories are on the website but I join a good few of you in hoping that I get the chance to develop them further. There never seem to be enough hours in the day but I’d love to build up a series of little books.


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