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Happy Art

Happy New Year!

Last year was a tough one for our family health wise, with work being a saving grace and a welcome distraction. The good thing about it being tough was that it gave me an excuse to surround myself with more beautiful things! So without further ado here are some of the pieces created by other artists that I either treated myself to or was lucky enough to receive from very special friends. Now, I’m not trying to spend your money for you but I have included the artist’s information where possible just in case something catches your eye!!

Daniel Shiel - Photographic Artist

Daniel Shiel – Photographic Artist

I first met Daniel at Art in the Pen, Skipton a couple of years ago. I loved his work from the start and luckily for me my husband is a fan too! We chose this piece because we’d recently had our bathroom repainted in a hot pink shade to try and make it feel warmer (the Pennine hills get very cold!) and this artwork not only hit the mark colour wise but we also loved the combination of architectural features it shows. The hot pink was my choice so the bathroom needed something a bit more masculine to balance it out!

Sarah Westwood - wax inspired creations

Sarah Westwood – wax inspired creations


Sarah Westwood is another artist I first met at Art in the Pen. I love her illustrations and the unusual way she coats her work in wax. You can tell instantly that they are Sarah’s creations and I was so happy to finally own three of my own.

Ditsy Bird Designs - by the lovely Sarah Fitton

Ditsy Bird Designs – by the lovely Sarah Fitton

Another special piece of practical art I got for the bathroom was a commissioned door hook by Ditsy Bird Designs. Sarah is just the lovliest person and her illustrations and ‘doodles’ are right up my street. She manages to turn quite ordinary things into beautiful objects. I love it!

Owls - by Bexcraft

Owls – by Bexcraft

Bexcraft was new to me until my lovely friend Natalie Paul Silcock (who works with me on the new soft furnishing pieces for Helen Russell Creations) bought me this as a 10th wedding anniversary present. She knows me so well! Bexcraft doesn’t have a website yet but you can see more work on the facebook page.

Meet me at... - by Claire Baxter

Meet me at… – by Claire Baxter

I’ve bought cards from Claire in the past but when I saw this print at the Country Living show it seemed fate had intervened! While I was slaving away at the show I was missing my 10th wedding anniversary 🙁 My husband and I met playing in a brass band and this print reminded me of all the park gigs we did together over the years, I had to have it. Now Christmas is out of the way I can’t wait to get it framed.

Tee hee I own a piece by Anya Keeley

Tee hee I own a piece by Anya Keeley

I can’t believe I own an Anya Keeley piece! I was virtually opposite Anya at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair and not only is her work fantastic but she is the nicest person to boot! I was a little bit in awe of meeting one of my crafting heroes and it’s not like me to be shy but we swapped creations! By far the coolest crafty thing to take place in 2013

Well there were other little purchases and swaps that I either kept or sent off to new happy homes. Being surrounded by beautiful things makes me feel so happy. I wonder what I can sneak into the house during 2014?
















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