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Heart Felt

Tweet tweet!

Helen and I go back a long way, since the days of her first trip to Australia. She was a spritely thing back then and hasn’t changed one bit…….apart from her hair colour! Anyway, we hit it off straight away.

I started to accompany her on trips, show her around, and we became firm friends. She calls me her muse…which is quite funny to me, as I thought that was a rock group!

Blob Bird Cuddle

Blob Bird Cuddle

In the Blob Bird family there is the lovely Robin Redbreast, sterling chap, quite fond of the cherry cola if you know what I mean?! Mr and Mrs Bluetit who live two trees down from me, and the Greenfinches who have the large conifer mansion. I hear Mr Greenfinch is an established actor and regularly does plays in Greenland….and Mrs Greenfinch is an opera singer – you sometimes hear her practicing in the early hours of the morning.

Blob Bird Kisses

Blob Bird Kisses

And me? Oops where are my manners! My name is Blob the Blackbird. I was the first Blob Bird to reveal myself to Helen and so I suppose am the original inspiration for Helen Russell Creations….

Loves me....

Loves me….

So, I have been doing my job and have inspired her to create a series of new sculptures perfect for Valentines Day. Us Blob Birds are a romantic bunch anyway so posing for these pieces of work has been no bother at all. I hope you like them.

Blob Bird Love Nest

Blob Bird Love Nest

Until we meet again at the Blob Bird Bush have fun and take care x



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