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So, it is here at last! Welcome to the first section of my new website

When I say at last, it has actually been a very speedy affair getting the website to this point, as the wonderful Stephen, Howard and Catherine at Source Creative are just so great to work with. I have also had lots of help and support from Fiona at Happy4pr during my mentoring sessions, so a real team effort!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the year ahead which all started with building this new site. It has a totally new look and if you have the time to wander round the site you will notice that it is very centred on one of my biggest inspirations – storytelling! I now have the kit to design and make artworks but also to share some of the written adventures that are loose inside my brain. Lots to do and lots of potential, I can’t wait!

I’ve already had two pieces of fantastic news for the coming events season. I’ve been offered a stand at Art in the Pen, Skipton in August and have just found out that I’ve been accepted for Country Living, Harrogate in December. Very, very exciting indeed, we are all of a flutter here!

Art in the Pen. Image taken from the website

Art in the Pen. Image taken from the website

Anyway, just to let you know this blog will be managed by my creatures, who will take it in turns to tell you about themselves, their adventures and anything else that takes their fancy. I may make an occasional appearance too!

I hope you like the new site. The shop and information about where I’m exhibiting, workshops and commissions will be coming soon (no later than the end of March) and if it’s anything like the work done by Source so far, will be fantastic.

Without further ado, I pass you over to my creations. First up it’s Blob (be nice to him!)




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