Little Bean Farm


goat collection small plateLittle Bean Farm sits high up in the beautiful Pennine hills. The farm is a hive of activity, mainly because the animals that live there can be a bit pesky! Gilbert the goat likes nothing better than eating the farmer’s flowers (which gets him into lots of trouble!) and the ducks are champion synchronized swimmers. They get under everyone’s feet by practicing anywhere they can find liquid and it’s not always water. Once they were found in the farmer’s soup pan, although they got out quickly when the implications were explained to them! The hens might look headless with their clucking and shuffling but they are actually masters of mischief who love apples. They are most definitely not allowed in The Flower Garden!

Little Bean Farm is managed by Farmer Helen and her little mate who work hard throughout the year to bring beautiful products to your home. The harvest this year has seen lots of bone china tableware, quirky greetings cards, hand drawn illustrations and mixed media sculptures. Who knows what will appear amongst the drystone walls next.