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Mother’s Day

Because my shop is currently being built, I’ve been asked by quite a few people to use this week’s blog to tell you about the products I have available for Mother’s Day. So here is a reminder (sorry for the blatant sales pitch!!) If it’s Blob Birds you are interested in, they come as Robins or Bluetits (or a combination of them both if there are two on a sculpture).

Blob Bird Kisses

Blob Bird Kisses are always popular and at £12.95 inc. P&P are a perfect  little treat


Blob Bird Cuddle

Blob Bird Cuddle £20 inc. P&P

Loves me....

This sculpture says Loves me…. but it can be made with a plaque saying ‘Flowers for you’. It costs £34 inc. P&P


I Bring Flowers

I Bring Flowers £25 inc. P&P

Blob Bird Family

Blob Bird Family £30 inc. P&P. Image. Michael Oakes

I also do a small Blob Bird sculpture that I don’t have an image for at the moment. The single Blob comes on a small cube of wood and shows the word mum on the plaque. Think the family sculpture style above but for a single robin or bluetit. These cost £12.95 inc. P&P

Hope this little update helps. We are still on track to launch the shop in the middle of March so keep your eyes and ears open for details.

Helen x




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