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Park run anyone?

Outdoor adventure:

So my last post was about pushing things forward which is all well and good but time seems to be running away from me at the moment. However, today myself and one of my best friends took the plunge and headed out at 9am to do our local Park Run. Park Run is an initiative where people can meet at a designated place and a specified time to do a run where there are marshals scattered around the route and volunteer runners pushing the pace at the front and bringing up the rear for any slow pokes. A safe way to get some exercise out in the fresh air and in the landscape that inspires all my work. Perfect!

We were thinking people of all shapes and sizes, dogs, prams etc – pretty much what it suggested on the website. The only problem is we live in a pretty rural area so when we turned out it appeared that our group of runners was made up of medal winning fell runners! To make it worse we knew two of the marshals from our school days (many moons ago). When we set off it soon became apparent that we were quite considerably slower than the rest of the sizeable group. This was confirmed when the front runners were heading back down the hill as we were just staggering to the top of the first slope! Oh dear.

At this point we decided a bit of cheating was in order so took a short cut back to the start (otherwise the poor marshals would still be out there and it was pouring down)!

Wet, cold and wobbly legged but do you know what? I absolutely loved it! Will I be back next week? Probably not. We have decided a stealth mission is in order where we sneakily improve our fitness before making a grand return and running them all off the course. What fueled this determination? The passing comment ‘you used to be really fast at school’ oh and a looming date with Pretty Muddy!


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