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Cheese is life

Cheese is life

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Cheese is life! There is no discussion about this according to Gerald who has an extensive collection of the delicacy stashed in a cold spot under the garden shed. Gerald has been lovingly hand built and decorated, fired in the kiln (a couple of times) and kitted out with special accessories from Helen's treasure boxes. He has built a cheesy sculpture out of wood and is currently perched on top making his thoughts about the food stuff quite clear! 

Gerald  is currently taking part in Heart Gallery's Full of Character exhibition in Hebden Bridge but is available for purchase. If you would like a new critter for your home, or for a gift, you can ring Heart on 01422 845845 and pay over the phone.

If you want to visit Heart Gallery in person to look at the sculptures (and the other fabulous work in the show) you can find them at 6a Market Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AA

Gerald is £50 if collected in person from Hebden Bridge, and £50 plus postage and packaging if travelling further afield.

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