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Art in the Pen portfolio review Saturday 19 August 10.15am

Art in the Pen portfolio review Saturday 19 August 10.15am

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For Art in the Pen ticket holders only

Whether you simply create art for yourself, or are aspiring to exhibit at the show next year, this taster session is perfect for reviewing your portfolio. We will look at whether you have a signature style, what your strengths and potential areas for improvement are, and whether you have a cohesive collection suitable for applying for shows and exhibitions. If you are thinking of selling your art, having a body of work that sits together is important, visually cohesive collections lead to more sales opportunities!

Portfolio reviews can be challenging, I totally understand this. It can be hard to look at your work objectively! We will aim to improve your offering, and build your confidence, through an honest but sensitive discussion about your work. Everyone has room to improve, this isn’t about comparing your work to other people’s, this is about you showcasing the best of you – where you are now and if relevant, where you would like to be!

Please be aware this is a taster session where we will only have time to look at your work and how you can improve your portfolio. Information about progressing your work in a professional capacity is covered in my other business support sessions which you are welcome to book for a future date. Where possible, please bring original work to your session, it's hard to assess quality and materials from a photograph.

IMPORTANT: Payments for these sessions are non refundable. I don't make a profit on these sessions, the fee helps cover my travel expenses and some of my time. Why do I carry them out when I'm not making money? I do them because I love helping people succeed (whatever their measure of that is). If as a result of the session you decide to book further business support time with me, that is a bonus! The admin involved in re-advertising a slot if someone cancels, or in refunding a no show far outweighs my earnings so I hope you understand that refunds will not be available once a booking has been made under any circumstances. If you don't feel you can agree to these terms then please do not book a session. 

Length of session = 30mins

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