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Does your photography do your work justice?

Does your photography do your products and brand justice? Are your images good enough to get you selected for that show you’ve always wanted to do, or are gallery owners wrinkling their noses in frustration?Good images can make the difference between people buying into your work or heading next door to visit your competitor. Images are such an essential element of a creative business. They sell your product in the absence of a physical piece and tell the story of your brand. An image says a lot about your work but also a lot about you! You might have the best product in the world, but if the image is rubbish how do we know it’s the best, and more importantly what does it say about your approach to business and/or your belief in what you are selling?

Length of session = 30mins 

This session is available via Microsoft Teams or face to face (this may incur additional travel fees)

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