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Are you happy with your collection of work or do you think there might be room for improvement? In this session we will review your portfolio, looking at the quality of the pieces included (strengths and areas for improvement), prices and whether you have a cohesive collection. Having a body of work that sits together is important, visually cohesive collections lead to more sales opportunities! Portfolio reviews can be challenging, I totally understand this. It can be hard to look at your work objectively, and even more difficult to take constructive criticism. We will aim to improve your offering, and build your confidence, through an honest but sensitive discussion about your work. Everyone has room to improve, this isn’t about comparing your work
to other people’s, this is about you showcasing the best of you – where you are now and where you would like to be!

Length of session = 30mins

This session is available via Microsoft Teams or face to face (preferred for this session but it may incur additional travel fees)

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