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Puffin Cove

Puffin Cove is home to a circus of Puffins who just love performing…

These birds are born with an unshakable desire to join the circus and spend many of their formative years learning the basics of clowning. Once they are skilled at their trade they migrate to the Bay of Biscay to entertain the crowds and compete for the title of Clown Chief Extraordinaire.

So they can practice their early clown acts in front of an audience, the puffins welcome other birds and creatures into their settlement. The sea around the area is used by boat loving characters, and other birds like the seagull, guillemot, razorbill and gannet share the cliffs that form a natural harbour in otherwise turbulent waters.

Every so often a human will visit Puffin Cove. Advance booking allows them to hire a well appointed beach hut which offers views across the cove and to the horizon beyond. Each hut is owned by a different Puffin family and no two are ever the same. They are decorated in the preferred style of the family, often relating to the clown work they are famous for. Each year there is a themed ‘open house’ competition when the Puffin families go all out to beat each other. The judges certainly have a lot to think about when choosing a winner! Puffin Cove beach huts are well known for their extravagant decoration, flair and imaginative use of bits and bobs (not to everyone’s taste I can assure you!)

When not in use as accommodation, or on show for the competition, the huts are transformed into theatres and dressing rooms by the Puffins who provide a seasonal events programme for Puffin Cove residents.

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