South Pole

Not so long ago Professor Gumme from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station a-waddle-of-penguins

contacted me on rather urgent and important business. He and his band of penguins needed help and support to save Planet Earth from the dangers of Peoplenotsmilingitus. At first I wondered what ‘little old me’ could do but Professor Gumme pointed out that even the smallest pebble can start to change the flow of a mighty river!

I first met Professor Gumme and his penguins back in 2001 when I was travelling around Antarctica. I fell in love with the vast icy landscape and candy stripe South Pole that sits more than a mile and a half above sea level! I was amazed by the beauty of the land, and even more amazed by the close relationship between the scientists that study there and the Penguin community that help them in their quest to save the world. Earth is at serious risk of being destroyed by the terrible Peoplenotsmilingitus which is highly contagious. Every time a person is grumpy, rude or aggressive the air warms up a little and a bit more of the polar ice cap melts, putting the world at danger from rising sea levels. Thankfully Peoplenotsmilingitus is easily treated…

Helen Russell Creations has sworn to help Professor Gumme and the Penguins in their fight against the disease. Together we have created the Waddle Foundation and Pass the Smile scheme. With your help we feel sure we can stop the spread of this terrible disease. More information can be found on our blog or facebook page HelenRussellCreations

Thank you!

Helen Russell (creator, explorer, adventurer)