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The Superblobs are an elite team of Blob Birds ready to lay down their biscuits in the battle againstĀ peoplenotsmilingitus…


Professor Gumme (read more about him and peoplenotsmilingitus here) is the brains behind the Superblobs, an elite force of highly trained critters who travel the world under the guise of well known heroic figures. The Superblobs are big fans of comics (as a result they can come across as a little overdramatic), but there is no doubt that their mission to bring a smile into people’s homes is working as mugs and eggcups fill people’s cupboards with breakfast time smiles and giggles. The Superblobs are experts at sneaking into people’s homes as presents for loved ones, and they enjoy nothing better than sharing a good boiled egg with little beans (children to you and me). Sadly as with all heroic tales, where there is good there is evil. One of Professor Gumme’s penguins got struck by a particularly nasty bolt of ill will and it has turned him into a bit of a villain! He has become the nemesis of the Superblobs, and indeed home owners everywhere, and can often be found trying to steal teabags, coffee and worst of all biscuits from people’s houses. Luckily the Superblobs are aware of his antics and 99% of the time they get to the scene before the penguin can strike. As a resident of The World we urge you to remain vigilant and if you see the penguin (the naughty one with the eye glass) then please put some bird food in your garden and the Superblobs will come running. Do NOT approach him yourself, he has a very sharp beak!

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