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The final countdown

I know, I know I don’t look a day over 21 (cough) but I recently entered my 39th year. This does not worry me in the slightest but each passing year does spur me on to try and do more of the things I really want to do.

I recently started to ‘properly’ review what I have achieved and where I have got to with my business (April will see me entering my 4th year of trading). I have to say I’m quietly proud of where me and the critters are today. With a nudge from Fiona at Happy4Pr I have also realised what a lot of new skills and techniques I have taught myself in a relatively short time. My work is character led so I design with a critter in mind and then learn what I need to in order to make them come to life. It has been suggested that this is perhaps a slightly unusual way of working!

Get a sticky bud, lob it at your friends and family

Get a sticky bud, lob it at your friends and family

Outside of work I’m aware that physically I need to start being a bit kinder to myself. My brain thinks it is still a teenager but my body is starting to shout at times that this is not the case (creaky sports joint injuries). So my 39th year…… shall I slow down a little or shall I pack it full of as many adventures and new things as possible?

I’m actually going to try and do both and I’m going to use the blog to try and record what happens and share the things I learn. So, get my body working as well as possible without worrying about diets and all that gubbins. Train properly for the outdoor life I love without being tied to a treadmill or other horrible torture contraptions of the body and mind and push my critters to be all that they can be. Well, that’s it. It’s down in writing. Let battle commence……


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  1. You keep doing what you are doing while ever you feel you can and want to Helen! Doing a few less hours may be inevitable, it won’t stop you creating, it just means there will just be less (more collectible) pieces out there xx

  2. julie miles says:

    You are not 39?! Not a day over 29 methinks and you’ve done amazingly well in 4 years 🙂
    I think maybe I should join you in the getting fitter stakes too I’m shall we say a bit broken lately. But there’s too much lovely cake about 😉 x

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