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The Flower Garden

Round and round the garden, like a buzzy bee!

Pass through the hedgerows into the Flower Garden and you will find a place of peace and tranquility.meadowlands-mug-lifestyle

Here seeds are nurtured, trees and bushes bear fruit and cottage plants sway gently in the breeze.

This is a magical place where happiness, good fortune and lots of cheer can be found. From the ground, new recipes, ideas and stories are brought to life and each change of season sparks a dream of what is yet to come.

Relaxing under our favourite tree, with the sun on our backs (wishful thinking) and the birds in full song, we rest, read books and just be.

The garden critters would like to share this magical world through the blog. They will tell you about their favourite recipes, outdoor adventures and how Helen keeps trying to grow her own fruit and veg, (even the magic of this place may not be strong enough for that)!