The Glade

The Glade is a magical place in the middle of the Eden Valley where woodland creatures great and small gather at dusk and dawn to live, laugh and share stories. There is a strong sense of family and community in this part of the world. Hedgehogs and badgers mingle with foxes and deer under the tall trees, whilst squirrels and owls chatter in the treetops. On clear nights, the animals often wander down to the river to bathe in the crystal waters, or to take part in stone skimming competitions.

owlet-soul-matesDuring the day the animals work hard in the land of humans who hire them as inspiration for fairytales or the cast of documentaries. They are very selective who they work with, choosing only those humans who look after their environment. Many of the creatures work closely with Helen to create workshops for schools that encourage children to look at their surroundings in new ways.

The animals of The Glade are hopeless romantics (something to do with the combination of moonlight, berry pots and secluded corners) and like nothing better than snuggling up with their nearest and dearest. Don’t be fooled though! These creatures are also fiercely independent and make time to enjoy their own company in a quiet corner of the woods where they read, dance or just sit.

When the mood takes them the creatures enjoy sharing their thoughts so they have promised to contribute to the blog.