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The Hedge

Blob Birds and Birdies come from The Hedge, a thriving metropolis in the beautiful Pennine Gardens region.

Legend states that the small rotund Blob Birds are 

descendants of the Wongtongbattiebirds who ruled the land at the beginning of civilisation. It has not been confirmed if this is true or not, but they make fantastic companions due to their loving nature, good advice and general sunniness.

The Birdies were first documented living in The Hedge mid 2017 when Helen’s gardening led her to witness a flash of polka dot amongst the greenery. After keeping careful watch from her living room hide, Helen confirmed that a family of Birdies had indeed taken up residence in The Hedge. Since then Birdie numbers have grown and they can now be found joyfully chatting with their Blob Bird neighbours.

Both these species are mischievous little creatures who enjoy making people laugh. Like us, each bird is different, bringing their own personality and energy into the spaces they fill. Helen loves seeing the hedglings choose new homes and families to live with (you didn’t think you chose them did you?!) and keeps her ears open for stories of their adventures and the places they have visited…