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Helen is having 2022 off from selling to explore new ideas and play with new materials. Keep an eye on our Facebook & instagram pages for updates Read More


The Wondershed (otherwise known as Betty) is the heartbeat of Helen Russell Creations…

It’s home to the Wonder Mice, a special gang of fixers, schemers and brainy types who, for centuries, have been keeping the mechanical cogs and wandering dreams of the land safe and in working order.

The Wondershed is a magical place, full of activity, laughter, noise and adventure. If you are lucky enough to visit please wipe your feet before entering as the Wonder Mice will not put up with mess of any kind. A clean work space is highly important, as once the items are thought of, created and made the mice like to send them out of the Wondershed in the way they were meant to be. Perfect!

Not all of the ideas thought up by the Wonder Mice get to the making stage straight away. Some are stored in a beautiful hollowed out log until the idea is ready to be developed.

The mice are very keen on traditional toys and fixing things so the objects you might come across in the Wondershed can be very random indeed!