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Red Squirrel enamel mug

Red Squirrel enamel mug

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This little red squirrel is trying to find somewhere safe to bury its acorn. This could take a while, we'll just sit back and wait with our enamel mug!

My enamel mugs are printed for me by a lovely company just over the hill in Blackburn. They are finished simply in white with a silver edge and are a durable and lightweight option for gardening and outdoor adventures.

The mugs are hand-enamelled, so each one is a little different. Slight imperfections in the surface of the enamel finish add to their rustic and vintage charm.

My little character illustration sits on either side of the mug making these suitable for both right and left handed people. They hold 300ml of whatever you choose. 

Please note these are not insulated mugs so the exterior does get a little warm. They are therefore not suitable for young children.

Hand wash only and not for use in the microwave

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