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Growing your business

In this session we’ll review your business as a whole. We’ll be looking at whether your business model is cohesive and financially viable, what you do well and where there is room for improvement. Obviously, this is a lot to cover in one short session! The idea is to identify your strengths and weaknesses, raise awareness of areas that need work and give you the confidence to go away with this information and build upon what you already have. A short session with long-term goals and impact! Synergy is tailored to you and your business but will generally cover things like:

  • Product – quality, use, availability, variations, big (and small) dreams
  • Branding and voice –trading name,
    logo, images, written copy
  • Promotion – social media, talks,
    PR, events, trade, advertising
  • Pricing –are you competitive, too
    cheap/too expensive, are you making money!
  • Customers – who are they? Who
    could they be? Who do you want them to be?
  • People – you as an advocate for
    your work, does anyone else help you?
  • Process – production methods,
    time for research and development
  • End product – customer service,
    product packaging, website

Please expect lots of questions in the run up to your session. The more information you provide, the more I can help. The cost of this session
includes 1 hr of my time for research prior to our meeting.

Length of session = 1hr 15mins

This session is available via Microsoft Teams or face to face (this may incur additional travel fees)

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